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Higher Education Partners (HEP) is the leading provider of resources, expertise and innovative learning solutions to Community Colleges and Universities seeking to expand and creatively tailor their services to their communities.

In the U.S. today, unemployment remains stubbornly high. At the same time, labor market statistics state clearly that job growth over the next 5-10 years will take place in only a small handful of industries – health care, information technology, business, and education, among others. All of which are industries that require a highly educated and trained workforce.

Through the retirements of existing workers and the aging of the population there will be millions of new jobs available for American workers by 2020. And these are jobs that will not be outsourced to another country. They will be done right here in the U.S. At the same time, Community Colleges and Universities are often unable to meet the demand that exists right outside their doors.

With these facts in mind, Higher Education Partners works with Colleges across America by providing start-up capital and financing for the collaborative development of new facilities, initiatives and online solutions that help our partners grow and educate a greater number of students. Founded in 2010, HEP facilitates classic “public/private partnerships” and provides an alternate, low-risk funding source to Colleges that need to meet increased demand in the face of decreased support from state and local governments.

Budgetary constraints limit what public higher education can offer to its students. Yet, students and workers alike are seeking new degrees to improve their wages, benefits, and the quality of life for their families.  If Community Colleges and Universities are unable to meet this demand, the only option is high cost for-profit colleges that charge three or four times the cost of a public education.

Our mission is to ensure that non-profit Colleges can train students for the jobs of the future in a responsible, convenient, and affordable way. It is a win-win situation for students, colleges, and employers and the public.