Massasoit Community College

MassasoitLogoMassasoit Community College is located in Brockton, Massachusetts, and is one of the largest community colleges within the Massachusetts Public Higher Education system.  Massasoit’s main campus is set on over 100 acres and they have over 8,000.

In 2010, Massasoit opened its satellite campus in Middleborough, Massachusetts.  Middleborough has direct access to major infrastructure corridors in Southeastern Massachusetts; therefore, growth and demand for courses at the campus has been very high.  As growth at the campus continued, HEP collaborated with Massasoit at the beginning of 2012 to provide capital funding and building expertise to expand and build out additional space at the site in Middleborough.  As a result of the additional space, including newly developed lab space, Massasoit was able to expand their program offerings the site as well as continue to develop and grow online programs.

Programs at Massasoit’s Middleborough campus include Biology, Business, Mathematics, and Sociology.  Students can earn their degree in Liberal Arts, Business, Criminal Justice, and Early Childhood Education.  Additionally, as of the 2015 school year students can earn degrees in EMS and Paramedic studies.

Massasoit has seen semester growth of up to 26% at the Middleborough campus since collaborating with HEP in 2012.